Wednesday, December 26, 2007

controller plate and paint

The controller plate mounting involves making a template to layout and then cutting out the hole. The instructions say you should try to save the mounting stud for the ground strap. I cut around it. This side of the plate doesn't change much so if you just use more caulk in this area it comes out fine. I didn't drill the corners as the instructions stated but I've used a saw before and it came out ok.

When I test fitted the plate I noticed the crown in the top of the trunk and that the reinforcing ribs held the sides up were it bolts down to correct this I used nuts and tightened them on the outside bolts for spacers. Worked great! The 2" hole on the should be moved to the front just before the next bolt in my opinion. The instructions are vague here but when the wires on mine were strung this hole was to far back. The two 5/8" holes needed I drilled behind this hole later after I welded the one in the picture.

After more sanding, bondo, sanding, priming, sanding, etc. I painted the car at the end of September.

The trunks were painted with splatter trunk paint. This stuff works really great!


Joe said...

I'm moving you up in my links. I was wondering what color your 914 would end up (yellow, red or something else). Looks like and orange (or Farrari red). The trunk liner worked really well. I was planning something on the bottom of my car as well to well prevent rust in the future. Since I'm in CA it doesn't have to be that through.

onei57 said...

It's the original color ( Porsche color #32k ) I really wanted to paint it the Porsche light blue color but the color was $284.00 a gallon! FYI the car is running now I started the blog in July and it for some reason wouldn't let me access it untill last month. So I'm still catching up. I know some people use por-15 on there cars under side, I used spray-on bedliner on mine.