Sunday, December 16, 2007

more speed...

The passenger side went better mostly because it was the second and I learned two things. One, the sail panel is not worth replacing with what is avalible and used parts canablized from California. A used quarter panel from ebay to replace a unusable that was on the car.

The heavy stuff done, let the bondo begin! The doos are on for aligning only, I intend to paint the main body first. The door will be one of the last thing to be painted.

While cleaning out the rusted jack hole I found this mouses' nest. I knew seeing he had snails , this was a real Porsche.


Joe said...

Outstand work! Thanks for the pictures. I've got some restoration to do as well (hopefully not cutting off panels).
But as with rust; we'll see. I was thinking of the strengthing panels as well if only becuase it's a 30 year old car.
Are you planing on and AC conversion or a DC one?

onei57 said...

This is an AC kit. The reinforcing kit that I installed would be hard to install without removing the sill steel panels but could be done